This site is a non-official site, just a personal page about Carcassonne,so the address-list below is a very subjective one. We wanted to give our visitors a selection of good quality addresses, so that they keep always good memories of their stay in Carcassonne. As we live the whole year round in the city, we have a quite good experience of all those restaurants and shops, that are not just made for tourists...

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Restaurants and bars
Our opinion...

La Barbacane, Place St Nazaire, La Cité

tel : 04 68 71 98 71

The "nec plus ultra" for regional cuisine and decoration in Carcassonne.This is the restaurant of the famous Hôtel de la Cité, 4* luxury hotel. Of courses prices are high, but you get for what you pay !! Imagine a dinner in a neo-gothic style dining room, with a view over the ramparts...

Au Comte Roger, 14, rue St Louis, La Cité

tel : 04 68 11 93 40

This restaurant is situated in the heart of the medieval city. At first sight not very attractive (except the old well in the courtyard), but really one of the best addresses in Carcassonne. Regional cuisine using exclusively local fresh products.

Brasserie du Donjon, 2, Porte d'Aude, La Cité

tel : 04 68 25 95 72

If you want to taste the true cassoulet, this is the place you have to be ! Andrée and all her staff will welcome you as if it were intheir own house !

Le St Jean, 1 Place St Jean, La Cité

tel : 04 68 47 42 43

Nice terrace for this little restaurant which is inside of the medieval city, but which is aside from the main touristic spots. Very quiet place for a quiet and intimate moment.

Les Fontaines du Soleil, 32, rue du Plö, La Cité

tel : 04 68 47 87 06

A very nice courtyard where you will be able to taste the whole of our regional cuisine !

La Marquière, 13, rue St Jean, La Cité

tel : 04 68 71 52 00

Very good Languedoc's cuisine and a wide selection of local wines (Corbières, Minervois, Fitou, ....)

Le Bar à Vins, 6, rue du Plô, La Cité

tel : 04 68 47 38 38

Nice place just next to the Basilica, a large garden you cannot see from the street... good music ! The ideal place for the "apéritif" time !

L'Escalier, 22 Bd Omer Sarrault, Carcassonne (Lower Town)

tel : 04 68 25 65 66

Situated int the Lower Town, you'll find there all what you want : pizzeria, tex-mex, greek or mediterranean food !!! Funny decoration too.

Chez Fred, 31, Bd Omer Sarrault, Carcassonne (Lower Town)

tel : 04 6872 02 23

Situated int the Lower Town too. Spanish style decoration, and good mediterranean and local food. They also sell regional products and wines.

Le Bistrot d'Augustin, 2, av. Maréchal Joffre, Carcassonne (Ville Basse)

tel : 04 68 25 14 24

You have eaten too many cassoulets, magrets de canard or confits ?? So try the Bistrot, and have a huge sauerkraut !! Not really a local speciality, but they are excellent here ! Also specialized in shellfish. Unique in Carcassonne : "art nouveau" style restaurant !

La Divine Comédie, 29, Bd Jean Jaurès, Carcassonne (Ville Basse)

Tel : 04 68 72 30 36

Situated just in front of the Palace of Justice (maybe that explains the name...) fréquented by the Carcassonnais. Regional food of course, but also pizzas and excellent meat.
Hotels and campsites
Our opinion...

Hôtel de la Cité****, Place de l'Eglise, Carcassonne

tel : 04 68 71 98 71

A luxury hotel in the heart of the Cité, which is situated in the former Bishops' Palace, reconstructed in neo-gothic style at the beginning of the 20th century. Price double room : from 280 € to 380 €

Le Domaine d'Auriac****, Route de St Hilaire, Carcassonne

tel : 04 68 25 72 22

A luxury hotel too, situated outside Carcassonne in the middle of a beautiful garden. Carcassonne's golf club. Price double room : from 120 € to 390 €

Hôtel le Donjon***, 2, rue du Comte Roger, Carcassonne

tel : 04 68 11 23 00

Inside of the medieval Cité, situated in an old house from the 15th century. A very nice place, a little bit less expensive than the two first ones. Price double room : 68 € to 96 €

Grand Hôtel Terminus***, 2, avenue du Mal Joffre, Carcassonne

tel : 04 68 25 25 00

Carcassonne's biggest hotel (more than 80 rooms) but also one of the most beautiful. Situated in the Lower Town near the Canal du Midi. Belle Epoque style, the lobby is somptuous. Price double room : from 65 € to 104 €

Hôtel l'Octroi**, 106, avenue du Gal Leclerc, Carcassonne

tel : 04 6825 29 08

A nice little hotel 5 mn walk from the Cité. Price double room : from 27 to 50 €

Hôtel Espace Cité**, 132, rue Trivalle, Carcassonne

tel : 04 68 25 24 24

This hotel looks modern and without charm, but you will be very well welcomed there. Moreover it is very well situated near the main gate of the Cité, and near the Trivalle, which is Carcassonne's little "Montmartre" with artists, arts and crafts ! Price double room : from 33 € to 53 €

Hôtel Ibis Berriac** et Hôtel Ibis Centre**

tel Berriac : 04 68 47 66 00

tel Centre : 04 68 72 37 37

No surprise in the Ibis hotels, but a very easy way to have an accommodation !!! Price double room : from 51 € to 63 €

Auberge de Jeunesse, rue Raymond Roger Trencavel, Carcassonne

tel : 04 68 25 23 16

The building itself is quite ugly... yes ! Butit is perfectly situated in the heart of the medieval Cité. ! Nice people there, a very international atmosphere, and good prices too !!!

Camping Campéoles***, Route de St Hilaire, Carcassonne

tel : 04 68 25 11 77

This campsite has 200 pitches and is very well located on the King's Island, just a few minutes walk from the Cité. In the middle of nature, surrounded by vineyards and fields.

Camping la Bastide de Madame, route de Limoux, Carcassonne

tel : 04 68 26 80 06

Outside of Carcassonne, this is a rural camping area with only 25 pitches.
Our opinion...
Cellier des Vignerons, rue du Grand Puits, La Cité THE place you have to visit during your stay in Carcassonne !! Christiane will explain everything about our wines, appellations, grapes, ... and about the winegrowers as well. Because wine is not just a drink, it is a tradition, it is a culture in itself ! Really not to miss.

Lauranne de France, 11, rue St Louis, La Cité

tel : 04 68 71 89 10

This shop lets you discover the tradition of hand made lace in our area.

Coopérative artisanale de la Cité, 11, rue du Plô, La Cité

tel : 04 68 71 00 04

Pottery, basketwork, sculptures, leather, traditional puppets,...the best of our local arts and crafts is presented and sold in this shop.