Nickname : CARCA, given by its inhabitants


Nationality : FRENCH, but originally occitan. Became officially French in 1271 when the last Count of Languedoc, brother of King St Louis, died without direct heir.


Date of birth : Unknown, but Carcassonne is more than 2000 years old (already known as "Carcasso" under the Roman Empire). The site was occupied centuries before Christ.


Size : 6508 hectares


Population : 43. 950 inhabitants (1999 official counting)


Address : Département of the Aude, region Languedoc Roussillon, 43.2° latitude north - 2.3° longitude east


Particulars : Possesses two World Patrimony Sites classified by the UNESCO (Canal du Midi in december 1996 - Medieval City in december 1997). Possesses also two distinct parts, two "cities" : the famous medieval Cité, and the Lower Town, also called "la Bastide Saint Louis". Average altitude : 110 metres over sea level, situated between the Montagne Noire to the North and the Corbières and Pyrenees to the South.


Profession : Prefecture (capital city) of the département Aude since it was created in januray 1790 (during the French Revolution). Before, it was one of the capitals of the Trencavel viscounts, then seat of the royal seneschals in Languedoc.