his little chapel hanging on the Old Bridge on the opposite side of the Cité was built in 1523.

It was formerly used as the chapel of the hospital which was just over the bridge. The building of the hospital still exists, it is nowadays a house for pensioners.

This function certainly gives the explanation for the name "Our Lady of the Health" (Notre Dame de la Santé) !

This chapel is a true jewel and a perfect example of the Flamboyant Gothic architecture, though it was built during the Renaissance period !

In the choir of the chapel behind the altar stands a nice statue of the Virgin and Child.

Another statue of the Virgin is to be found outside, hidden in a recess of the wall.

Although the dimensions of this chapel are very small, it is still visited by many people who come there to pray, or just light a candle.

When you are on the bridge you see the chevet of the chapel, and some strange signs indicating the different levels reached by the floods of the Aude river for centuries.

That is really impressive and almost unbelievable. When you see this peaceful river flowing under the bridge, trying to make its way through the pebbles and the ducks, you cannot imagine it overflows so violently.
But unfortunately everybody knows the devastations it can provoke here sometimes. We experienced that in november 1999, when a large part of the area was damaged by the waters.
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