résau is an occitan word that means "treasure". This tower never contained any treasure like jewels, gold, or the mythic treasure of the Cathars...

This tower owes its name to the fact that the royal exchequer's offices were located in it.

It is impossible not to see this hudge tower, which is just next to the twin towers of the Narbonne's Gate. It was built at the same time in the same architectural style.

Until two years ago the ground floor of the "Treasure tower" sheltered under its vaults the Wine Cellar of the Cité. It was a very interesting place, not just because there were bottles of wine, but also because all the different types of wine of our area were represented. I'm sure you already heard about Corbières, Minervois, Fitou, etc... Moreover the exhibition was set in an exceptional medieval surroundings !!!

The Wine Cellar moved a few meters and is now in an new building in front of the tower. You can still taste and buy our famous wines !

The Trésau Tower is architecturally very surprising : a high and flat facade with a Flemish gable. We are more than one thousand km away from Flanders ! On each side of the strange gable we see two big chimneys, and very large windows on the wall. This tower looks like a giant that would look at us silently and with some disdain... It is so old !!!

The medieval architects who designed this tower thought about the comfort of the soldiers. They put a lot of luxurious details in it... at least, like seats near the windows, or latrines.

Beyond the tower you will notice the remains of the Gallo-roman walls. The bases of towers were cleared recently. These towers probably had the same aspect as the towers which are still standing in the Lower Lists.
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