he House of the Seneschal, the House of Roques Guilhem, Saint Michel Cathedral, Montmorency's Bastion or Jacobins' Gate...

all those names are very evocative and they surely let you think all the places named above are situated in the medieval city of Carcassonne... but they are not !

Yes, Carcassonne is the "Cité", this very famous and extraordinary architectural monument, unique in Europe, this miracle of stones on a hill, looming over the surrounding vineyards of Minervois or Carcassès, the Black Mountain or the sinuous outlines of the Corbières with towers and ramparts that are centuries old....

BUT... Carcassonne is much more than this ! Carcassonne is a city within two cities.

The Lower Town, also called Bastide Saint Louis, hides many treasures, whose names we mentioned before. All these witnesses of the History which are generally less celebrated than the monuments of the Cité, are however even interesting for those who know how to walk through narrow streets and get into a courtyard...

Irony of History, Carcassonne is a town which seems to show a sort of dualism in its current aspect. Just like the cathar doctrine which flourished here seven centuries ago, and which was chased away and destroyed by the Inquisition.

Carcassonne is a brilliant city, a true star, classified as World Patrimony by the UNESCO. Millions of tourists come here every year from all over the world. The spectacular Fireworks on July, 14th attract 12 times the population of the town in one single day !!! Huuuuuge traffic jams !!!

But like all stars, something else hides behind the sun glasses... Carcassonne is just "Carca" for its 45,000 inhabitants, the "carcassonnais". At first glance, it seems to be a sometimes sleepy town, with sad and monotonous streets. But they are the sun glasses of the star you have to remove with delicacy, so as to discover what makes Carca : its narrow streets, its secret gardens, its courtyards, its fountains, ...

We give you three points of access into Carcassonne : The Portes Narbonnaises (Narbonne's Gate), the Pont Vieux (Old Bridge) and the Canal du Midi. You will be able to see everything, passing from one page to another. The little compass indicates the accessible places from the page you are on. Then just click your choice !
Canal du Midi
The Old Bridge
Narbonne's Gate
The Cité
The Lower Town

No time to roam through the streets ?? Here you can go straight ahead to the place you want to see !!

>> Carcassonne at a glance.


We invite you to follow us during this tour through the whole of Carcassonne. Come and discover its treasures, from the Main Gate of the Cité to the Canal du Midi...

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